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Hello from the Aguinaldos!

We are the Aguinaldos, your average Filipino family who recently discovered the joys of exploring new things, and this blog is about our adventures. Whether it is hopping on a plane for the next 16hrs or taking a trip down memory lane in a museum,  we believe that no adventure is too big or too small for our hearts to conquer and explore.


We want to share our experiences and hopefully inspire other Pinoy families to take their kids (and parents) everywhere and enjoy this adventure of a lifetime.

Get to Know Us

[#WanderingFamilyinAustralia] Let’s go e

Mommy Meg

I’m a corporate superwoman by day and a travel planner by night. My husband tells me I tend to get overly crazy with planning, but I know deep inside he loves that I’m his personal travel agent, concierge, and executive assistant all rolled into one.  


I prefer nature over city landscapes and I'm always amazed by the thought that we are just small elements in this planet we call home. 

[#WanderingFamilyinIloilo] 🥥 I’m coco l

Daddy Raymund

Contrast to our mommy, I’m very laid back, chill and I roll with the punches. I think on my feet and just let things flow as it needs to be. I urged my wife to start sharing our experiences online especially when our friends started asking for travel recommendations when travelling with their kids.


I look forward to seeing culture and arts. As a kid, I trained as a puppeteer and I am curious to see how other cultures showcase their history through art.

Mt Pinatubo ATV Aguiventure Child

Little One

“But why do airplane windows have that tiny hole, Mama. Why do Japanese love tuna? Mama, can I swim now?” Yes – she’s a talker. She asks all sorts of questions, and shares every single information that runs through her head. And we wouldn’t change a thing about it.


She loves meeting new people - our tour guides, fellow travelers, bus drivers, everyone! Her chatty personality and inquisitive behavior is such a delight for us.

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