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Lion City - the country with the cleanest street ways, most efficient processes and most orderly people in the whole world. From theme parks to historical heritage sites - Singapore has it all. It's no wonder it is one of the most visited countries in Asia. 



Singapore is less than four hours air travel away from Metro Manila, Philippines. It is a country/ city hub with very efficient public transportation. Accessible to all - you have taxis, MRT and LRT and buses to choose from . Always on time, mass transportation is never a problem in Singapore. For SG MRT, follow this link for a map of the stations and train lines to help you with your travel. 

The main currency used in Singapore Dollar (SGD). Have your foreign currency exchanged at established currency exchange centers (such as banks, airports and even hotels). Most establishments accept credit card so not having cash is not a problem. Do note that smaller establishments like the famous ice cream sandwich at Orchard Road and hawker centers only accept cash.

Visa prior to travel for Philippine passport holders is not required when going to Singapore. Visa on Arrival is available for Filipinos for stays of up to 30 days, whether for touristic or business purposes. So YEHEY to more Singapore vacations and travels!

Majority of Singaporeans are bilingual and easily speak English. Other languages used are Mandarin Chinese, Malay and Tamil. The most picked up Sing-lish word we know is "Can" which means YES. 

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